Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kinion to kick off campaign for council on Tuesday

Campaign Kick-Off Rally
5:30 PM
August 26th, 2008
South Side of Fayetteville Square
Special Guest: Alderman Nancy Allen
Jammin' Java
6:00 PM
Music by Jesse Dean and Evan Center

Dear Friends,
For five generations my family has made Washington county their home. My great-grandparents were hardworking pioneers who settled in the Woolsey community near the West Fork of the White River, near Durham south of Fayetteville and in Old Alabam near Eureka Springs in Carroll County. My grandparents and parents were farmers, homebuilders and industrial workers living in the Prairie Grove area. My mother opened the first kindergarten in Prairie Grove.
I was reared in historic Rheas Mill community where my brother and nephew still run a successful farm near the banks of Moore's Creek.
Fayetteville has always been the trade center and primary center for entertainment, culture and education for my family. As a youngster, I took swimming lessons at the Wilson Park pool, played along the Scull Creek, took piano lessons in the U of A Fine Arts Center and spent many easy hours walking along Dickson Street and through the neighborhoods of Ward 2. It was my hope to someday live in the Wilson Park area. I now have the pleasure of living on Ila street near the university and Wilson Park in the old Melton House.
I have a deep affection for the natural beauty of the Ozark Plateau. I have explored almost every hiking trail and stream from Greasy Valley to Hemmed-in Hollow through Scouting activities with BSA Troop 94 where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout.
Nothing is more important to me than embracing the warmth of local citizens and the opportunities offered to families here in Fayetteville for work, recreation and education.
As your Alderman you can count on me to be responsive and accessible.
-We must have a city government that is fiscally accountable and transparent. I will keep the residents of ward 2 informed.
-Tax dollars must be allocated to support basic services: police, fire and, in Ward 2, the aging infrastructure.
-In times of economic uncertainty I would like to see a balanced budget, saving reserves for unforeseen urgent needs.
-The Downtown Masterplan must be implemented with compatible and harmonious infill, attention given to protecting the unique aspects that define our city’s character.
-Our town is a university town. We must protect and enhance our relationship with the university,
-As a neighborhood advocate, I feel Ward 2 must be walkable, with safe sidewalks and increased connectivity with trails. I heartily support a regional green infrastructure plan.
-Transportation alternatives must be seriously studied with a plan in place sooner rather than later: a regional transportation plan including mass transportation for everyone. This does not preclude road improvement, which may help Fayetteville's accessibility.
-Recycling for business, industry and apartment dwellers must be implemented.
If you agree, please vote for me. I have the experience in community service and proven leadership to represent you on the city council from day one.

Warmest Regards,
Mark Kinion
You will find more about me on Facebook: Mark Kinion For City Council
Mark Kinion
418 W Ila Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Home (479) 442-7868
Cell (479) 263-1308

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

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