Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sierra Club endorses Mark Kinion for Ward 2 Alderman in Fayetteville

Please click on image to ENLARGE photo of Mark Kinion (left), Aubrey Shepherd and Boyd Maher discussing the natural heritage and environment of Northwest Arkansas. Maher, representing the Arkansas Department of Heritage, had just spoken to Fayetteville City Council about the work of the state agency and how it can help Fayetteville protect its natural heritage in September, 2008.

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SIERRA CLUB ENDORSES Kinion for Ward 2 seat on city counci of Fayetteville
The Sierra Club's Ozark Headwaters Group announced Thursday the club's endorsements for Fayetteville races in the November 2008 elections. The endorsements are based on (1) candidates' public records; (2) their responses to a series of detailed questions about environ mental issues; (3) their presentations at the candidates’ forum held at the U of A School of Law on Sept. 25; and (4) our assessment of the candidates’ likely effectiveness as public servants with attention to environmental values.

The endorsements:
Mayor of Fayetteville: Lioneld Jordan

Fayetteville Ward 1, Pos. 2: Brenda Thiel

City Council: Ward 2, Pos. 2: Mark Kinion

Ward 4, Pos. 2: Sarah Lewis

"It’s a testament to the citizens of Fayetteville and their commitment to the environment that we have a choice among strong environmental candidates in every race this year," said Molly Rawn, the group's chair. "While Dan Coody, for example, has often done a good job over the years, Lioneld Jordan’s outstanding track record as alderman, his excellent values and his staunch trustworthiness make him our clear choice for mayor.”
The Sierra Club is the only environmental advocacy organization in Arkansas that makes political endorsements. The club, now more than a century old, has over 1.3 million members and supporters nationwide, of whom more than 300 members are Fayetteville voters.
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